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Corporate Theatre

People often ask me what exactly Corporate Theatre is. My answer is simple and gleaned from twenty years of experience as a creator and performer of this form of theatre.

Corporate Theatre is a means of communicating important information to the employees of an organisation by using the art of theatre.

If done effectively, corporate theatre is an extremely engaging and memorable way of communicating ideas, policies, strategies and crucial information within an organisation. Corporate Theatre is not only limited to communicating with employees, it can also be used to communicate important information to existing clients, potential clients and vendors.

In terms of duration, Corporate Theatre is normally only a fraction of the length of a normal play. The most successful corporate theatre pieces that I have been involved in have been a maximum of 25 minutes in length. Generally, these pieces are minimalist in terms of set, costume and special effects, relying more on the quality of the script and the ability of the actor/s to hold the audience’s attention.

The actors are a crucial element in corporate theatre. You might say, duh, that is true for all theatre and yes, that is obvious, but this form of theatre has many more challenges than mainstream theatre and it requires actors who can deal with those challenges. To put it plainly, you have to be extremely discerning in who you cast in a Corporate Theatre piece. I’ve met brilliant (sometimes famous) actors who truly struggle to make their presence felt in this style of theatre. There are exceptions though. Then I’ve met actors who truly excel at performing Corporate Theatre and it’s these same actors who make a huge difference to a Corporate Theatre piece as they are an essential ingredient in creating a riveting piece of Corporate Theatre.

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